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Full-Service Dog Spa Treatments

The Debonair Dog offers full-service grooming, which includes taking care of the teeth, ears, and nails of your furry friend. I provide a complete pampering experience in a calm, quiet, cage-free grooming atmosphere for dogs that weigh 50 pounds or less.

The grooming unit arrives curbside of the clients' home, eliminating the need to transport the family pet to and from the groomers. Most of my appointments typically last for 1-2 hours.

In my years in the industry, many dogs have happily passed through my gentle and capable hands. Utmost care and attention to detail are taken whenever I work on your pet. I only groom one dog at a time and never cage dry. A shampoo will be selected specifically for your dog's skin and coat needs. Nature's Specialty's products are all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The process of how I conduct a full grooming experience can be found below.

Setting the Mood


Music will be played to relax and soothe your dog. Does your dog prefer Metallica over Beethoven? Simply request your dog's favorite artist so they can fully enjoy their spa day.

Warm Bath With Massage

A brand of shampoo will be selected specifically for your dog's skin and coat needs. I carry a wide variety of shampoo brands, including Nature's Specialty, so let me know if you have a preference. Nature's Specialty is one of my top choices as its products are all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Almond Crisp - This is a great degreasing shampoo that will add volume and texture without drying out the skin or coat. Poodles, Schnauzers, Terriers or dogs with harsh coats do best with this selection.

Aloe Bluing - This shampoo is known for its great optical brightening and color-enhancing ability, which magnifies any color of coat especially white or black. This concentrated deep cleansing shampoo also contains aloe vera and panthenol to help soothe and add moisture to the skin and coat. It’s an excellent choice for all white- or black-coated breeds.

Plum Silky – This is a great texturizing, cleansing, and moisturizing shampoo with silk proteins, conditioners, and deodorizers. It is non-oily and won't lay the hair down. It also adds highlight and body to the coat as well as leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.

Smelly Pet - This odor-neutralizing shampoo with added enzymes helps eliminate skunk, smoke, or bad odors due to skin problems such as yeast or eczema. It is also good for undercoat removal and leaves a pleasant, lasting fragrance.

Vantablack Night – This shampoo is best for enhancing dark coats and eliminating red tones, brassiness, and sun fading. It also adds a rich, silky shine to dark coats, enhances highlights, and intensifies the black, blue, and other dark color coats.

Derma-Treat – This natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic shampoo is made with the highest quality Australian tea tree oil (Melaleuca), which helps soothe skin irritations, dry, itchy, flaky skin, hot spots, ringworm, flea allergy dermatitis, seborrhea and other dermal inflammations.

Fluff & Puff Re-Moisturizing Spray – This solution is formulated with NaPCA, a conditioning agent that derives moisture from the air and infuses it into the coat and skin. The combined ingredients, aloe vera and NaPCA, could instantly help prevent and treat dry skin and dander. 

It will restore the health and add volume to the coat, giving your dog a refreshing look without leaving a residue. It conditions, detangles, and controls split ends, frizz, static, and flyaway hair.

Quicker Slicker - This multipurpose leave-in conditioning spray helps with brushing and detangling your pet before a bath. It helps restore moisture while cutting the drying and brushing time in half. It also makes dematting a wet or dry coat easier while preventing future tangling.

Facial Wash With Massage

A tearless, gentle blueberry facial solution is massaged into the dog's muzzle and eye area to remove any dirt and/or eye goobers. It has nourishing ingredients that help soothe the skin, leaving the coat shiny and soft with a long-lasting yummy fragrance.


Dental Care

Highly recommended by veterinarians, PetzLife Oral Care Spray is specially formulated to eliminate plaque, remove tartar, reverse gum disease, and freshen the breath immediately with the ease of a spray and no brushing required!

It's a complete, all-natural solution to your pet’s oral care needs. I can guarantee you that it’s great for breaking down the plaque and tartar, working under the gum line to help heal gum tissue, and killing the bacteria that cause bad breath.



Nails are trimmed and filed to the perfect length, shape, and smoothness.


Paw Pad Trim

The hair in between the paw pads is trimmed to give better traction and to lessen the amount of debris that can collect in the hair.


Ear Cleaning

Ear hair is gently removed followed by applying a non-greasy, non-irritating ear cleaner to remove dirt.


Sanitary Trim

A clean bum makes a happy mum! Hence, I’ll make sure to trim around the privates to keep your dog fresh and clean.


1-19 lbs.
20-39 lbs.
40-50 lbs.
$60 - $75
$70 - $85
$80 - $95+
$70 - $85
$80 - $95
$90 - $105+

Payments Accepted

  • Cash

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  • Credit Cards

New Client Forms

  1. Please download both “Policies” and “New Client Form” documents.
  2. Read the “Policies” and then keep it for your records.
  3. Fill out the printed “New Client Form” and bring it with you at the date of your appointment.